Friday, May 20, 2016

68th Frost Hollow Pathfinders Owl Patrol

Pathfinder Investiture and Rank Advancements

68th Frost Hollow Pathfinder investiture, where our newest Pathfinder, having earned the rank of tenderfoot becomes a member of the great all-inclusive, traditional scouting organization BPSA-US.  Our campfire represents: Energy, Passion, Action and Community.  The three candles on the table represent the old Celtic concept of unification of polarities - a calm balance struck between male/female, physical/spiritual.  
The newest pathfinder receives the troop Hunter Stewart tartan necker and red Turk's head slide along with his Owl Patrol shoulder knots.  As he reaffirms his scout promise, we welcome him as a 68th Frost Hollow BPSA-US Pathfinder.

 Owl Patrol leader receives second class rank badge.
68th Frost Hollow BPSA-US Troop leader receives second class badge.

For the second class members of the Owl patrol, the skills journey toward 1st class and proficiency badges begins.  With eyes set on the goal of the George Washington Award and beyond!

Go Owl Patrol!

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