Monday, July 4, 2016

Upper Delaware River Route Safety Paddle

In preparation for August's joint 3-day Pathfinder River Expedition with the 91st Sojourners.

68th Frost Hollow Troop Leader, Victor, goes over the final route and gear check with Pathfinder Leader, Brian.

Sceneic Upper Delaware River Route:  Narrowsburg, Ny to Mongaup, Ny. 
20+ Mile Journey -- 7 hours River time

A moment to enjoy the river and cast a line.

The only way to get around the eel trap in the background. We encounter three such devices along the river route. As Troop Leader, Victor was required to make notes of the route and annotate on the map those and others such as where all of the rapid shelves were. water levels, bridges, appropriate rest areas and campsite potential.

Wildlife everywhere we looked!

Canadian Geese
Bald Eagles!

The landing where Victor explored for our night of camping.

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