Monday, August 1, 2016

"On this day in history, most of us think of the 1st experimental camp on Brownsea Island, BUT here is a bit of scouting history you may NOT know.

"Scouting During One Of History's Darkest Times"

Today marks the anniversary of the "Warsaw Uprising" in Poland. (August 1 1944-October 2 1944) 

It is not known to many what the responsibility and sacrifice the Polish Scouts and Girl Guides made and would have to endure during these darkest times. They were known as the Grey Ranks. Grey Ranks was the code - name for the underground Polish Scouting Association created under emergency conditions on September 27 1939, in Warsaw. 

They, under historical and eyewitness accounts were the best trained troops of the Polish Home Army. They functioned as the dominant Polish resistance movement in World War ll when the Nazi's occupied occupied Poland. Today we recognize the sacrifices made by these young faces in their fight for an independent Poland and the freedom of Europe.

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