Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"The true test of a man is what he does when no one is watching" - John Wooden

Suddenly, there was a wild shriek from outside! 

Pathfinder Shaw was home alone working quietly in geometry class online, when he had to spring into action... 

What was going on?! 

The 14 year old Patrol Leader found one of his free-range hens bleeding and in shock from a predator attack. Without pause he calmly attended to the injured hens needs: gently cleaned her wounds, applied antibiotic salve and placed her into her nest to recuperate from the shock of the vicious attack. 

Later in the day, when the hen came out for water and food, she became disoriented and got stuck in a small gap between the coop and pen beyond simply lifting her out.

With heavy rain falling on his back, Shaw again responded to her situation without pause. He grabbed some tools, disassembling part of the coop and wire pen where she was entangled. He bled as she pecked at him helping her out of danger. Clipping a feather clear that remained stuck, he tucked her in the coop safely for the night. She is resting comfortably now. Only then did he tend to his own wounds.
Determination, caring and skills.

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